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Discover the first light wallet platform from Input Output Global, one of the creators of Cardano.

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One platform for your Web3 life

Lace brings together a wealth of Web3 features, from managing digital assets, to accessing NFTs, DApps, and DeFi services, so you can discover and enjoy a new world of digital experiences.

More than just a wallet

Securely send and receive digital assets, easily stake your ada and participate in the Cardano network, or send multiple assets to different addresses in one transaction. Lace does everything a wallet does – and more.

Designed for the world

Lace is designed for everyone, everywhere. So now the whole world can explore Web3, effortlessly.

A bright future ahead

Lace is already evolving, with many new features in the pipeline. From a DApp Store, to a mobile app, digital identity solutions, and more – this is just the beginning.

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