Lace is the proprietary light wallet platform from Input Output Global and is exclusively published by Input Output Global. Any wallets or platforms called Lace but published by any other entity than Input Output Global are not genuine and should be considered a scam.

The Lace browser extension is only available from the Chrome web store.

The only official website for Lace is www.lace.io.

Beware of scams. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious apps or websites to the Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau.

When adding the Lace extension to Chrome you may notice a pop-up stating that Lace can read your browsing history. This is a requirement from Google that we must adhere to in order to make Lace available on the Chrome web store – read more about it in the Chrome store Privacy Policy. The Lace team and IOG value your privacy and will not use this data in any intrusive or inappropriate ways. Please note that this is a requirement for all wallet browser extensions on the Google Chrome web store and not exclusive to Lace.

Lace PreProd is the current version of Lace available to the public on the PreProduction Testing Environment. Lace PreProd mirrors the upcoming mainnet interface and has identical functionality.

On Lace PreProd, users can experiment with test tokens, new features, and code to get to know the interface and features, as well as provide feedback prior to the mainnet launch.

Test ada are the native assets on the Cardano PreProd network. They allow you to try out all the different Lace features that require digital assets in a safe environment, without putting your own digital assets at risk.

You can get your test ada by going to the faucet.

A faucet is a web-based service that provides free tokens for testnets. The Cardano testnets faucet can be found here.

To use the faucet, you first need a payment address. Click the <Receive> button on the upper right hand side of the Lace extension to copy the address to your clipboard.

Access the faucet here and follow the on-screen instructions: https://docs.cardano.org/cardano-testnet/tools/faucet/

Make sure you select the Preprod Testnet on the environment option field.

Each time you use the faucet, you will get 10,000 test ada. You can only use the faucet once per day.

No, test NFTs are not provided to Lace PreProd users. However, you can mint your own NFTs in the PreProd environment and send to other Cardano PreProd addresses. See here for more info and head to NMKR to mint your own NFTs.

  • Send and receive test tokens to and from any PreProd address
  • Stake your test ada to stake pools on the PreProduction environment and receive rewards in test ada for participating in the network
  • Store, send, receive, and view your PreProd NFTs to PreProd addresses

Testnets provide sandboxed environments, allowing users to trial products and test their core functionality prior to mainnet deployment.

PreProduction (PreProd): This network resembles the production (mainnet) environment and tests release functionality prior to being deployed on mainnet.

Preview: This is a network for features that are still under development and which might break the chain requiring it to be respun.

Mainnet: This is the live network, also referred to as the production network. It features official functionality releases and all transactions are made using real digital assets on the main chain.

If you’ve found a bug while using Lace PreProd, please let the team know by raising a ticket with our service desk platform.

If you have any other comments or want to engage with the team and other Lace PreProd users, join the Lace Discord channel – it’s open to everyone :)

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