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cardano wallet Lace 1.11 (new release)
Team Lace
. 3 min read

Keeping you safe, helping you have more fun. It’s time for Lace 1.11…

New release: better UI and another hardware wallet friend.

cardano wallet Lace 1.10 (new release)
Team Lace
. 3 min read

Lace 1.10 lands with improved UX and better wallet protection

New release: less of what you don't need, more of what makes you tick.

cardano wallet Lace 1.9 (new release)
Team Lace
. 1 min read

Bringing you multi-wallets and multi-accounts for Lace 1.9

All the best ideas for new features and improvements come from the Lace community, that’s why we think you’ll be pleased to hear about the two latest wallet upgrades: first phase multi-account and first phase multi-wallet.

cardano wallet Lace 1.8
Team Lace
. 2 min read

Lace 1.8, it’s here folks

Here it is, the last Lace update of 2023, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

AI girl web3 metaverse VR set
Team Lace
. 10 min read

Web3 wallets: the metaverse in your pocket

Decentralized apps, games, NFTs are being joined by GameFi and P2E as the digital realm evolves through cascading disruption

girl in hoodie
Fernando Sanchez
. 10 min read

Web3 wallet safety in a nutshell

Web3 wallets enable access to exciting and data-rich new environments. In these new worlds, keeping your Web3 wallet secure is thus of the utmost importance.

new Lace wallet release
Team Lace
. 3 min read

Lace 1.7 has arrived

Lace just got even better. Spoiler alert – if you thought we couldn’t top the last big news on multi-staking beta, we have.

Nami IOG Lace
Team Lace
. 4 min read

Lace says hello to Nami

Get the lowdown on the latest news about the Nami light wallet and Input Output Global.

lace new release
Team Lace
. 2 min read

It’s time for Lace 1.6

Lace 1.6 just dropped and we’ve got lots of shiny new improvements for you to explore – come and take a look around.

man looking out of the window
Ivan Irakoze
. 7 min read

Why you should get a Web3 wallet today

Discover the advantages of using decentralized Web3 wallets for secure and private transactions, and why you should consider owning one. Read now for a decentralized future.