Let’s explore
Web3 together

Sign up for the Lace Explorers Beta Program and be first in line to test drive Lace.

As a Lace Explorer you get to participate in the Lace development process, help iron out bugs, and test scalability. We’ll kick things off with 500 randomly selected participants, with additional rounds added over the following weeks

One platform for your Web3 life

Lace brings together a wealth of Web3 features, from managing digital assets, to accessing NFTs, DApps, and DeFi services, so you can discover and enjoy a new world of digital experiences.

More than just a wallet

Securely send and receive digital assets, easily stake your ada and participate in the Cardano network, or send multiple assets to different addresses in one transaction. Lace does everything a wallet does — and more.

Your security is our priority

Enjoy added security with hardware wallet integration. Use hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S, Nano S+, and Nano X, seamlessly from within Lace.

Verified for your peace of mind

Lace has been independently audited and manually verified by external auditor, Fyeo, so the Lace team can improve code quality and security — giving you greater peace of mind.

Your collectibles always at hand

View your Cardano NFTs in all their glory. Store your NFTs in the gallery or send to other wallets.

Let your digital assets work for you

Explore stake pools on Cardano and choose where you delegate. Stake your ada to receive rewards for participating in the network. Plus, view your rewards history and chart your progress.

One wallet, a world of DApps

The Lace DApp Connector makes accessing Web3 fast and easy. Connect to Cardano DApps with one wallet and use your ada on DEXs, DeFi services, and NFT marketplaces.

Save your addresses in one place

Save your frequently used wallet addresses to the address book and access them with just a couple of clicks.

Bundle your transactions and save

With the new bundle feature you can send different types of assets to multiple users, all in one transaction – with just one transaction fee. Plus, reduce network congestion to keep transactions fast and seamless.