cardano wallet Lace 1.11 (new release)

Keeping you safe, helping you have more fun. It’s time for Lace 1.11…

New release: better UI and another hardware wallet friend.

Security is always at the top of our agenda, and in this release we’re taking things a step further to enhance your experience and better protect your wallet. We’re also bringing you a couple of updates to make Lace an even better place to enjoy the things you love most about Web3, like NFTs! Read on for more…

We’re continuing to improve transactions

In Lace 1.10 we got the ball rolling with changes to make the approval of transactions safer by making them more human-readable. Phase two of our three part plan drops now – we’ve made it easier to distinguish between your own address and other addresses, so when you sign a transaction, you can be crystal clear on what you're agreeing to. From now on, you’ll see addresses separated into from/to sections, this will be the same for the transaction summary in the DApp connector.

We’ve made searching simpler

Looking for something? Nobody’s got time for endless scrolling, so we’ve added a handy search tool to help you find what you’re looking for, quicker. If you’ve got 10 or more NFTs or tokens, you can now search them by name, asset ID, fingerprint, or policy ID, respectively.

NFT buffs, this one’s for you

Can’t get enough of your NFTs? We’ve made it possible for you to set your favorite NFT as your wallet avatar, pretty neat, huh?

Custom API transactions

If you’re tech savvy, it’s now possible to submit transactions via a local Cardano node and cardano-submit-api. This new feature gives you a dedicated way to submit transactions, so when there’s a cool drop coming up, you’ll be able to make sure yours are processed as fast as possible! It also keeps you in full control of how your wallet submits transactions, so you won’t be restricted by third-party services.

Trezor T integration

We know a lot of people are hungry for Trezor support, so as another security boost for this release, we’ve added support for Trezor Model T hardware wallet. You’ll now be able to use your hardware wallet to view balances and sign transactions through the Lace interface.

Bug fixes and improvements

To keep everything running smoothly for you, we’ve cleaned up a few bugs from previous updates and refined the multi-wallet create and restore experience by reducing the number of onboarding steps to make it quicker and easier. Now, default values, like your wallet name, will be pre-filled for you but you’ll still be able to change them if you want to. To summarize – less faff, more fun. We also simplified the onboarding process for connecting hardware wallets by making error messages more specific and easier to respond to.

Team Lace