cardano wallet Lace 1.12 (new release)

Do more with Lace 1.12…

New release: fiat on-ramp with Banxa, enhanced staking pool search and multi-staking for supported hardware wallets.

You can already do a lot with Lace, and this release adds even more cool stuff. From now on, you can use select fiat currencies to buy ada via a third-party service operated by Banxa, and the multi-staking function is now enabled for Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets. And there’s more…

Read on to see what Lace 1.12 offers…

Buy ada with select fiat currencies through Banxa

Lace is all about great user experience at every level. Lace 1.12 includes a new Fiat On feature, powered by Banxa, that allows you to easily fund your wallet with a fiat-to-ada on-ramp using  Banxa’s checkout referral link!

How it all works

Lace now includes an 'On-Ramp by Banxa' call to action and a 'Buy ADA' button, below which a short disclaimer reads 'You will be redirected to Banxa’s website upon clicking Buy ADA.' Pushing the button displays a disclaimer and prompts you whether or not you wish to proceed. Selecting 'Continue' redirects to Banxa’s order page, where you can start the order, verification, KYC, and payment process to complete the Fiat-to-ADA transaction through Banxa’s platform. Lace is your jumpgate into the exciting Cardano experience!

Enjoy multi-delegation with hardware wallets

We know many of you are security-conscious and use hardware wallets for that extra layer of protection.

Multi-delegation (or multi-staking), added to Lace way back in version 1.5., is a feature that allows you to delegate your ada to multiple stake pools without partitioning funds across multiple accounts. Up to now though, hardware wallet users could not use multi-staking.

Lace 1.12 enables multi-delegation for Ledger and Trezor wallets, so if you've got one of the supported models, you won't miss out on Lace's most exciting feature!

Get better results when searching stake pools

An improved search function now produces better and more relevant results when searching stake pools by Pool Ticker, giving you a better staking search experience. It all happens in the background so you don’t need to do anything!

Bug fixes and improvements

To keep everything running smoothly for you, we’ve cleaned up a few bugs from previous updates.

To keep navigation running smoothly, we’ve resolved a few bugs in the UI and delegation portfolio & address book, and simplified the multi-wallet process for connecting hardware wallets by making error messages more specific and easier to respond to.

Team Lace