cardano wallet Lace 1.9 (new release)

Bringing you multi-wallets and multi-accounts for Lace 1.9

All the best ideas for new features and improvements come from the Lace community, that’s why we think you’ll be pleased to hear about the two latest wallet upgrades: first phase multi-account and first phase multi-wallet.

Team Lace
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Multiple accounts

Lace's shiny new multi-account setup lets you use a single recovery phrase to generate multiple addresses or accounts within a single wallet. It’s all about empowering efficient asset management, giving you the option to separate transactions, or stake delegations, without having to handle multiple seeds.

Lace wallet multi-account

Multiple wallets

You told us that you like to use a combination of hot and cold wallets to bolster security and help protect your assets. So we’re giving you the option to have multiple wallets in Lace, each with their own set of keys and recovery phrases. Helping you to nicely organize your assets and transactions, at the same time as reducing risk exposure in case any one wallet is compromised.

multi-wallet image Lace wallet

Team Lace