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Bring your authentic self to Lace with ADA Handle

Lace is partnering with ADA Handle to support their personalized $handle feature so you can express yourself just the way you want to.

Team Lace
· 3 min read
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Lace is all about helping you do you. Whether that’s managing your digital assets, helping you collect, view, and send NFTs, or simply living your best Web3 life, your way. But to really do you on Web3, you’ve got to bring your authentic self, every time. That’s why we’ve partnered with ADA Handle and introduced support for the personalized $handle feature in the last Lace release. With the new personalized ADA Handle feature, you can rep your personality, your tastes, and even your Cardano tribe. Because we want you to be more you on Web3.

Making your profile truly yours

The original ADA Handle feature allows you to create a custom handle ($handle) to use instead of your long, not-very-friendly Lace wallet address. So you can create a shorter, more legible name to identify yourself on Cardano – a unique $handle that’s you, through and through.

And now with the new personalized feature, your $handle just got even better! You can add a profile picture to your $handle(out of a predefined selection for now), create a custom background, you can even add links to your socials and a QR code so your contacts can connect to you quickly. And with support from a range of Cardano NFT projects, you can even add your favorite NFTs to your profile.

Test the personalized $handle ahead of the mainnet launch

  1. Change your network to pre-production from inside Lace. Open the dropdown menu in the top right, then select the network option, and toggle from Mainnet to Pre-production.
  2. Once you’re connected to the pre-production network, you’ll need to send yourself some test ada (tADA). Just head to the Cardano Faucet, paste your pre-production Cardano address in the Faucet send function and send yourself some tADA.
  3. Once you have received your tADA, mint a PreProd test Handle.
  4. Make sure you enable the DApp connector to connect your wallet. Don’t forget to set collateral within Lace so that you can create transactions in the Personalization Platform.
  5. Once that Handle reaches your wallet you can go to and begin testing the Personalization Platform!

Stay tuned for the upcoming mainnet release of the ADA Handle personalized feature.

Team Lace