cardano wallet Lace 1.10 (new release)

Lace 1.10 lands with improved UX and better wallet protection

New release: less of what you don't need, more of what makes you tick.

In this release, we’ve got more awesome updates to tell you about. Our focus has been on making improvements to further protect Lace users. As well as bolstering security, we want to make Web3 more accessible than ever, so to get ready to welcome the next billion users, we’ve also given your stake pool view and onboarding process a makeover.

Revamped DApp - wallet interaction… phase one

We have embarked upon a three-phase plan to increase security for users, by creating a more human-readable experience so that users have a clear picture of what is going in and out of their wallet when they sign a transaction. Lace 1.10 rolls out phase one of this plan. Here’s what we’ve already done to make it easier for you to see precisely what’s happening during transactions:

  • Added a summary in the DApp connector of all assets involved in the transaction – so you can see what changes are about to be executed on your wallet.
Transaction summary in Lace wallet
  • Added graphics to your transaction summary, like NFT thumbnails – so you can clearly visualize what you are signing for.
  • Added collateral information to the DApp connector and added support for output collateral – to make collateral requirements for transactions crystal clear.


Collateral information in Lace wallet


Improved collateral information in Lace wallet
  • Removed address duplications in input /output sections so that each address will only be listed once – to make the transaction information clearer for you to understand.

This is just the start, we take security very seriously and are already working on the next phase of the plan to better protect your Lace wallet.

Revitalized stake pool view

We thought it was time for an upgrade, so we’ve given the stake pool views a makeover! As well as improved search capabilities, you’ll find new sorting options by Ticker, Saturation, Cost, Margin, Produced Blocks, Pledge and Live stake. So you can display your staking search results to suit you!

new stake pool view in Lace wallet

Disclaimer - the ROS will be added in the next versions of Lace

Simplified onboarding process

While we’re at it, we also decided to improve your onboarding process. We’ve made it quicker and easier by reducing the number of onboarding steps. Default values, like your wallet name, will be pre-filled for you but you’ll still be able to change them if you want to. To summarize – less faff, more fun.

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More wallet updates and an exciting announcement will be coming soon!

Team Lace