new Lace wallet release

Lace 1.7 has arrived

Lace just got even better. Spoiler alert – if you thought we couldn’t top the last big news on multi-staking beta, we have.

Guess what? We’ve expanded the portfolio pool limit again. You can now stake your ada in up to 10 stake pools, not just five, T-E-N! If that’s not exciting enough for you, we’ve also got news on more multi-staking beta improvements and bug fixes.

Your portfolio is always stored on-chain

Need to switch devices or do an extension reinstall? No problem, your portfolio preferences won’t be affected. Heads up for existing portfolios – don’t forget to resubmit your delegation to activate on-chain storage.

Introducing new tools to reduce drift

Say hello to the brand new balancing feature. It alerts you with a warning banner in the staking section if your portfolio is drifting too far off course, and allows you to adjust your stake allocations to align with your portfolio preferences during transactions built within Lace.

Better insights on pool retirement and saturation

We’ve upgraded pool alerts for retirement and saturation. Enhanced banners will make sure you don’t miss a thing in multi-delegation scenarios.

Always working to make your experience better

As always, we want your experience using Lace to be as silky smooth as possible. With that in mind, we’ve patched up some responsiveness issues and made a couple of UX enhancements – including adding new dynamic buttons to simplify portfolio adjustments and upgrading pool card designs in the portfolio management drawer.

More bug fixes

There were a few irritating bugs hanging around… here’s what we’ve done to squash them:

  • We’ve corrected the 'Total Rewards / Last Rewards' display in the staking section to accurately reflect accumulated amounts.
  • We’ve fixed an issue to prevent staking data from persisting after a wallet uninstallation.
  • We’ve addressed a rare occurrence where users with a balance saw the 'No-Funds' page in the staking section.
  • We’ve restored missing delegation activity events in the user interface after switching stake pools.
  • We’ve improved the display of long pool names to ensure proper rendering.
  • We’ve programmed Lace’s DApp connector to explicitly throw rejections to the DApp if the window is closed.
  • And… We’ve removed incorrect checks on balance when interacting with DApps.


Team Lace