cardano wallet Lace 1.8

Lace 1.8, it’s here folks

Here it is, the last Lace update of 2023, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Yay! Update time has rolled around again and, as usual, we’ve got some hot new updates to share with you. Keep reading if breezy HD wallet integration and cool, handy visuals sound like the perfect way to brighten your crypto admin.

See your stake pool rewards performance in a graph

What’s better than getting stake pool rewards? ….seeing them stacking up in your very own rewards graph! If you’re staking ada into stake pools, this update includes a new tool that will help you to graphically understand and compare your rewards performance. Find it in the new ‘Rewards’ subsection in the ‘Staking’ section of Lace.

Sync your Lace wallet with other multi-address wallets

Using multi-address wallets with Lace just got smoother, with a new simple way to discover and sync new addresses. Ready to make your life easier? Go to ‘Wallet Sync’ in your settings to resync your multi-address wallet and discover new addresses. After all, why shouldn’t we have our wallets and use them, simultaneously?

More bug fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug that made minting transaction data difficult to read, adding the option to hover over the transaction ID to reveal the full information.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that returned irrelevant results when searching for stake pools – now, you’ll only see matching pools and not any pools you are already staking in.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that displayed an incorrect balance when you switched networks or restored your wallet – now, you’ll see your correct balance.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that meant filtered stake pools were hidden behind the nav bar, making it easier to add the pools you are looking for.
  • We’ve fixed a bug to prevent DApp transactions being signed pre-emptively when the previous transaction popup remained open.

Team Lace