Unleashing the power of Web3: Lace goes open source

Lace incorporates Web3's principles of collaboration, full transparency, and a decentralized ecosystem into an open source light wallet platform. Explore Lace's source code and build your own Web3 creations for the world to see.


Lace is now fully open source!

This is a hugely significant milestone in the Lace journey. From this point on, Lace's source code and its software development kit component are available for anyone who would like to collaborate, create, or simply look at Lace under the hood.

The importance of open source

IOG’s founder Charles Hoskinson is a great advocate for open source. In his view, open source software that undergoes regular audits by multiple sources should be prioritized. Why? Because this approach ensures transparency and enhances the credibility of the software’s security features.

Lace has been designed with these principles in mind and audited statically and dynamically by the cybersecurity company FYEO and the end result is the creation of a collaborative foundation that promotes sustained growth and increased trust. You can easily check the audit report, as it is publicly available.

By open sourcing the light wallet platform, anyone can independently and transparently look and evaluate the source code for themselves, and can also contribute to Lace's development, and even localize the language.

The rationale for full transparency is clear. There's no shortage of scandals and scams in the crypto space. By providing a fully transparent platform, anyone can examine the source code and determine legitimacy, which may help people to make up their minds about trusting in the brand. Open source strengthens a sense of authenticity, and above all, security.

Lace also upholds and continues the legacy of Cardano's full-node wallet, Daedalus, which is also open source. IOG’s products rely on the foundations of Web3, where collaboration and decentralization are key elements.

cardano-js-sdk: a quick look at Lace's engine

This is not intended as a technical blog, but it's worth having a look at the engine that drives Lace.

cardano-js-sdk ('SDK') is a domain model of Cardano written in Typescript that includes a library of packages, suited both for browser and Node.js use cases. This open source SDK enables builders to create features such as key and address management, data access, chain projection, state management, transaction construction, and wallet APIs, among many others. In our recently published blog, we delve much deeper into the SDK's features and capabilities.

See a scam, report a scam

Open source can bring tons of fantastic stuff to the table. There is however a trade off. In the blockchain world, wallets are the gateway to users' funds, so they are obvious targets for scammers and other malefactors. Because Lace is now fully open source, the likelihood of fake Laces popping up will increase greatly. The only legitimate site to download Lace from is lace.io. Don't hesitate to immediately report any wallet-related fakes or scams, whatever the source, to this email address. If you're unsure, get in touch with our superstar Community Manager, Rudi via Discord (Rudi #9229).

Contribution guide

Want to contribute to Lace’s development? Use this Contribution Guide to get started. This is a work in progress that will expand over time.


Web3 is all about collaboration, full transparency, and the creation of a decentralized ecosystem. Lace incorporates these principles into a fully open source platform, publicly and transparently available on this GitHub repository.

Go check it out, collaborate, create, and enjoy all that Lace has to offer. Going forward, Lace will iterate quickly, with new versions introducing new features through regular releases.

And remember, there's only one legitimate source to download this light wallet client from: Lace.io

Key takeaways

  • Lace is now fully open source
  • Open sourcing establishes a collaborative foundation and promotes sustained growth and trust
  • Web3 is all about decentralization, collaboration, and transparency
  • The community wants open source for three major reasons: full transparency, the chance to contribute, and the opportunity to localize the language
  • Source code availability means that anyone can independently look at and evaluate the source code for themselves
  • cardano-js-sdk the engine behind Lace, is open source, and so is Lace's UX/UI
  • Any wallet-related scams, whatever the source, should be reported to the Cardano Fraud Bureau immediately

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